DATE BREAKDOWN: Dependencies – “Dependencies EP”

File Under: Punk, Pop-Punk

My ears’ blind date with Dependencies was love at first sound. I’m not going to delay that announcement. Everyone has their type and my ears are a sucker for punk in several variations. It was an attraction that couldn’t be denied and continues to grow stronger.

Dependencies are a band to be reckoned with. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and punch you in the gut with their emotion. But they’re fucking fierce, man. They’re basically the English counterpart to A Wilhelm Scream. By the time I got to “Stale Smoke” on my second listen, I knew this was something special. 

Hailing from Warrington, UK, Dependencies carry a resemblance to Flamingo 50, if Flamingo 50 were on speed. The similarity is distinct, but it’s different, and I’d argue Dependencies to be the better option. The melodies are sincere and powerful, and the band just gels together in such a tight fashion. Listen to the closer, “Drifting,” for a closer look at what Dependencies are capable of in terms of range. Every song is great, but “Drifting” is better than great.

I’ve listened to Dependencies EP probably 15 times this week and I’m still enamored with these tunes. For a name-your-price download, the production quality is superb, although the drums could maybe be mixed slightly more evenly when it comes to listening with earbuds. But if that’s the only complaint they’re getting (and I really don’t feel all that strong about that issue either), I think Dependencies are in a great place. Now if only they could just catch the attention of Fat or even a smaller label like Say-10 or Rad Girlfriend, I think they could take the scene by storm.


Highlights include “Drifting” and “Stale Smoke”

P.S. If you have trouble making out any of the lyrics, the band has provided them on the individual track pages on bandcamp. Once again, the EP can be found here.


Going on a blind date with Dependencies EP:

4.75/5 stars


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