Week #12: Transient Orca – “Squib Prod Qua”

I was asked if I liked “live music.” I was handed a business card. The business card was simply the URL to the Bandcamp page for a band called Transient Orca telling me to “DOWNLOAD ALBUM!”

I thought, well heck, that’s nice giving me a free download and all. But turns out it’s not a free download. It’s never a free download. So I said (to myself, hypothetically, okay, you’re right, I didn’t say this), “Ya know what? I’m just gonna stream it. And then I’m gonna review it.” And it was so.


And so basically (just skip to this part), this week’s blind date is Squib Prod Qua by Transient Orca and you can LISTEN ALONG BY STREAMING IT HERE. Sorry for shouting.

What does it sound like? Hopefully squid who don’t possess the magic gene, but let’s find out for sure, shall we?

Date Breakdown on Monday.


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