DATE BREAKDOWN: Cesar Wayar – “Tarde”

File Under: Pop, Psychedelic Rock

Last Tuesday, my ears were told “Hello, and welcome,” and then abruptly thrown into an unknown language. Well, it was easy to deduce I was hearing Spanish. However, in school I took about 7 years of French and 0 minutes of Spanish. So while I knew it was Spanish, I don’t know Spanish. Or French for that matter, but I pin that on the American foreign-language programs and their inability to teach anything other than how to order food. Wait, did I say how to order? I just meant food. I just meant food. But I do know that good music transcends the ability to understand a language, and thankfully that is proven with Cesar Wayar and the Tarde EP. Corazon means “heart!” I know one of these words! Thanks Rancid!

Look, I don’t know what instruments I’m hearing, but there are for sure some horns. I don’t know any of these words other than “heart” and I don’t know how to explain what this really sounds like. But it’s good. I know it’s experimental pop/pyshedelia, kind of in the vein of Os Mutantes, but I don’t wanna pigeon hole them. This shit is tight. It’s only 11 minutes long. Just listen to it. Oh, fuck! Drums and guitar! I know those instruments too! There’s for sure drums and guitar on this! But there are other instruments too that are either like chimes or a xylophone or some shit. If I figure it out I’ll fix this Gary Busey of a review. Shit. Please in no way confuse or compare Cesar Wayar to Gary Busey. Well…maybe they share his unpredictability. Yeah! Let’s go with that!

In closing, Tarde is fun and groovy and you can dance to it if you want. The singer sounds happy, and that makes me happy. So listen to Cesar Wayar and get happy!


Highlights include: there are 3 songs.  Just listen to the whole thing


Going on a blind date with Tarde:

4.25/5 stars

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