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DATE BREAKDOWN: Politburo – “Barrington Way”

File Under: Progressive Rock, Psychedelic

Last week, I began my week-long blind date with Politburo. I didn’t know what I was going to get, but going off of the psychedelic cover art I figured it’d be one hell of a ride. In that regard, Barrington Way failed to disappoint. 

Coming off as a fucked up mishmash of Jethro Tull and The Mars Volta, Politburo is assuredly an acquired taste. While I find myself enjoying both of those bands separately from time to time, thrown together they come off as pompously pretentious. Psychedelic Prog Rock hit my ears in full force, although the first couple of tracks are pretty lackluster in driving that vibe home. However, give it time because “Zoos Of The World” is so reminiscent of Tull’s A Passion Play that it would feel relatively at home on the 1973 album. Yet when the following track, “C’est Moi,” kicks in Politburo feels like a completely different band entirely, not due to the shift in vocal duties, but rather the song’s poppier sensibility. The second longest song on Barrington Way, “A Crack In Saturn” finds the band at their best. Instrumental breaks, catchy choruses, Tull-league theatrics. Overall the album isn’t my style, but my ears would definitely be willing to go on a second date with “Saturn.”

Barrington Way is well produced, ambitious, and diverse. It’s actually surprising Politburo has the album up as name-your-price given the production value. This sounds like an expensive studio endeavor, and while besides the point, it is baffling they are offering it up for free. However, considering their name maybe not.


Highlights include: “Breeze,” “A Crack In Saturn,” “Barrington Way,” and “Carolene

You can listen to Barrington Way here.


Going on a blind date with Barrington Way:

3/5 stars