DATE BREAKDOWN: Colorless – “Silent Gods”

Alright, my ears haven’t gone on a blind date in a while and I’m not gonna sugar coat it, it’s rough getting back out there. For a month I’ve lured myself into the comforts of my own music collection. So when Silent Gods jumped down the throat of my ears (I’ve been out of the metaphor game for a month too) I was a bit distraught. Kind of. See, Colorless leads Silent Gods off with a rather mellow instrumental track, before turning up the metal goth tortured soul theatrics. A nasty trick for someone who quickly hoped the whole album would be in a similar vein, and then realized “nope, this is exactly what the cover art led me to think it would sound like.” Honestly, just looking at that album cover is a better guide to whether or not you’ll like this album than anything I can possibly write here. 

The production of Silent Gods is quite good, the instrumentation is technical and well executed, but the vocals alternate between guttural screaming and melodic annoyance. To answer the question of whether or not I like Colorless, no, I don’t. Not particularly. The vocals test my tolerance level to a point I really can’t stand. The lyrics are hard to distinguish, but are definitely in English as opposed to Russian. As far as their importance I get a pretty strong Evanescence correlation, which is to say not very important at all. If this were simply an instrumental album, I’d likely rate it 50% higher than I will as is now. That voice just gets my goat. Oh, and there’s no reason to split up Colorless Oct. Part 1” and “Colorless Oct. Part 2” into two separate tracks. They flow together and would even perform better as one single movement. 

Not my cup of tea, but it’s certainly bound to be someone’s. That’s a testament to a well conceived album. I recognize it as well done, I’d personally just rather listen to something else.


Highlights include: “In Three Steps”

You can listen to Silent Gods here.


Going on a blind date with Silent Gods:

1.75/5 stars

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