UPDATED! Week #24: Emailed Request 3 [The Captain’s Son – “Walking Around Purposely” and “For Free”]

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My ears received a request (and extensive press release, smh) to review the new single by a band called The Captain’s Son. I tried digging deeper for an album or EP, but they appear to only have one song available for streaming. Or maybe just one song in total. Like they go on stage, play the song, and then say “thanks, that’s been us!” I dunno. Anyway, the song is called “Walking Around Purposely” and you can find it HERE. What does it sound like? Did they mean to name it Walking Around Purposefully and have a brain fart? Again, I dunno. Let’s find out. 

(☝️Just a picture, the link is in the text☝️)

Date Breakdown when I feel like it.

EDIT [2/15/17]: looks like they added a song called “For Free” which you can find HERE. I will review these two tracks now instead of just the one.

EDIT [3/10/17]: Despite the appearance that I just don’t give a fuck enough to review this, I in fact do. So what’s the issue? They keep adding tracks to the SoundCloud, I’ve wanted to review an official release this whole time, and apparently today is the release of their EP So, Who’s The Son? 

So here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m going to figure out the correct track order and make sure I’m listening to all of the tracks. If possible, it’d be great to find a free DL so I’m not bound to wifi to listen. In whatever case, hopefully in the next week or so I will have a review finalized and posted. Thanks for your patience.


DATE BREAKDOWN: Throwing Stuff – “Stuff We’ve Thrown”

File Under: Hardcore Punk, Punk

In the spirit of the ever approaching Valentine’s Day, my ears decided it may be a good idea to finally follow through with their commitment to Stuff We’ve Thrown. It’s been (a few?) months in the making, but Throwing Stuff has been loosely thrown into my ears’ listening rotation since announced as Date 23 and they’re ready for analysis. 

Initially it was clear Throwing Stuff and my ears would get along. Fifteen years of listening to almost exclusively punk will form a kinship with almost any punk band except for Dr. Manhattan. And it appeared that’s all it was going to be. Stuff We’ve Thrown doesn’t break any mold or cover new territory. If you’re expecting convention shattering punk you’re not going to find it here. But while I’ve been searching frantically for who the lead vocalist reminds me of, with the name constantly on the tip of my tongue, in two plus months such name has not manifested itself. Maybe it will come to me still, but after this long of a wait I’m starting to think that Throwing Stuff are one of those bands that sound so reminiscent of everything yet are a unique entity in their own right. You’ll encounter this phenomenon in all forms of art, something so familiar and comforting that you feel like it must be ripping something else off, but you can never tell what. The reason? It does what it does with such ease that you can’t help but think it’s a copy, while in reality they’re just being true to themselves. That’s what you get with Throwing Stuff: a band that knows what they’re here to do, and they’re here to throw stuff.

So what does it sound like? British hardcore with a bounce. It’s angry, but it’s fun as hell. Fun would actually be my main takeaway from the album and what sets it apart the most from its contemporaries. They don’t take themselves seriously, they sing about hating the daily grind, enjoying what you have in life, and of course, throwing stuff. The guitar parts are usually quite simplistic, fast bursts of fury, but show more control in tracks like “Token Beef“. The drums take a larger role, almost at center stage for most of the albums duration, the primary driving force behind the majority of songs. It doesn’t hurt the album’s feel that the drum attacks are heavy, especially for a band named Throwing Stuff. Oh yeah, and the lyrics have an anthemic quality most of the time, demanding you shout along at full force. Just listen to the band’s take on “Big Yellow Taxi,” and try not to have a smile on your face.

So what if they don’t break the mold? They don’t need to. “The chances of anything coming from us are a million to one they said,” the band bellows over and over again on “Throwing Shapes“. But, the funny thing is, while maybe not reinventing the wheel, they definitely reinvented how to have fun with the wheel they already had. 

Bad metaphor. I’m done. Happy Valentine’s Day.


Highlights include: Throwing Shapes,” “Big Yellow Taxi,” and “Steve’s Job”

You can listen to Stuff We’ve Thrown here.


Going on a blind date with Stuff We’ve Thrown:

3.5/5 stars