Week #25: Every Time I Die – “Low Teens”

Hello and welcome to my ears’ 25th blind date. To celebrate the milestone I’ve took a chance and picked up a physical disc with some reward points I had hanging around. The album in question? Every Time I Die – Low Teens. This came out in 2016, but fuck it. That’s still recent. Let’s do this.

What does it sound like? Not the foggiest. Wanna listen along? Full album streams are available as indicated HERE.

See ya when I see ya. Date Breakdown forthcoming. 


DATE BREAKDOWN: The Captain’s Son – “So, Who’s The Son?”

Alright. Well this has been a journey. Suffice it to say, I really blew it this time. What’s it been? Two months? Between not really knowing what I was reviewing, to figuring out I’d have to be tethered to wifi to listen to it, to starting a new job it has been a goddamn journey. But here we are. Review time. Goddamn review time. 

File it under about goddamn time. Goddamn.

But no, for real. File Under: Hippy Rock, Jam Band

The Captain’s Son are a SoCal groovy rock outfit, baby. They mix a bit of bubblegum into their bring-back-Woodstock-right-fucking-meow sonic aesthetic and I’m gonna say it helps. Also a touch of folk. On the surface this is nothing I want to listen to, which is maybe partially why it’s taken forever for us to get to this point, but once I resign myself to hitting play it’s not half bad. What is it about certain artists that cause you to write them off even after you’ve had several positive experiences listening to them? Or is that just me? Not even sure how to perfectly capture this in words. So let’s move on, because words are all I do here.

So, Who’s The Son? is a pretty tight ship for a first EP. It’s well recorded, it’s clearly well rehearsed, and I’d estimate it’s well written although I’ll leave that to the experts. Thematically it seems to be all about peace. Peace with the universe, peace with the earth, peace with the wind, really far out shit man. Love takes center stage and really just evokes a ’60s hippy vibe. You know, vibrantly painted van, drum circle on a lawn, grass-stained clothes and headbands. Not quite acid trip hippy though. Pot hippies for sure. They’re at peace with the pot. They don’t need the acid.

So what about the first single “Walking Around Purposely“? When I first announced I was going to just review that one song I had a big question about the title. Because it made no goddamn sense. Well, it still doesn’t. But I looked it up and it’s a heavily debated issue of Purposely vs. Purposefully, and blah blah blah it’s a word. Fine. Goddamn fine. I refuse to acknowledge it further. The song is fine. It’s probably the most groovy track on the EP and a good choice for first single. A lot of cool instrumental breaks here, better even I’d say than the two-minute instrumental track preceding it.

Second single “For Free” is relatively in the same vein, more upbeat groove and solid joy. But I’d argue that the more lax “I Found The Rhythm,” finds a more all-encompassing joy with more variety and feeling, ultimately making it the true standout. It’s a good fucking song and I mean that with all sincerity. The chorus is catchy as all-get-out and will earworm its way into your ears…like a worm. But then “Naww Jamm” covers the worm in mud and really tests my fingers’ abilities to not exit the SoundCloud web browser let alone throw my goddamn phone on the ground and stomp the goddamn hell out of it. Sorry for all of the swearing, but, no, no, that’s what this blog is and you walked right into it. I won’t apologize for quality. But please. Apologize for this song. The blame for the points against this album lay right here. 

I’ve already discussed the rest of the EP, albeit out of order, so I guess here goes the summary. Uh. Yeah. Groovetown danceshack. Ummm. Yeah. That’s the name of your next album. That’s your summary. I’ve kinda run out of steam here. Thanks for checking in. And if you’re the band and dissatisfied with my summary and/or review I have this to say. Um. Hold up. Still thinking. 

Hey, you (your publicist or someone) asked me to review this so don’t get annoyed with me. I’m just granting wishes dude.

Yeah. That works. Goodnight. 

Worth the wait, huh?


Highlights Include: oh shit, I forgot to talk about “Oh My, Where The Time Goes” and that’s the best song on the EP. Well shit. I really blew it. So highlights are that and “I Found The Rhythm”.

You can listen to So, Who’s The Son? HERE.


Going on a blind date w/ So, Who’s The Son?:


Long Beach, man