About & How It Works

About & How It Works

It’s 2016. There’s a lot of music out there. It’s so easy to access that it’s become disposable. We’re inundated with streaming services like Pandora and Spotify, some of the least intimate ways to experience music. It’s chewed up and spit out and we’re onto the next Kanye single before you really learned how to whip it. Or Ne Ne. Or whatever.

 Blind Date My Ears is a place where my ears go on blind dates. It’s intimate. It’s fucking candle-lit dinner intimate. And occasionally profane.

EARS CAN’T BE BLIND. Right you are, smart reader. But calling this Deaf Date My Ears, although sporting lovely alliteration, carries with it far more confusion. My ears know how to hear. My ears just haven’t heard any of these albums before. My ears are going in BLIND.

Why should you care? That depends on who you are. Interested in finding new, interesting music? See what a guy who has no business talking about music has to say about music. Are you a band? Are you a promoter? Let my ears have a listen and I’ll let the world know how they felt. If I’ve already heard your work, I’ll let you know and kindly decline the offer. I’m an honest guy.


  1. I’ll listen to one new album a week. To start, I’ll scour the racks of Goodwill and the deep abyss of Bandcamp. I won’t do any research on the albums I find. When I say blind, I mean, blind.
  2. The album of the week is the album of the week. I’m gonna listen to it like crazy. I’m a true believer that an album can be a shower or a grower, and I’m gonna let that sucker grow (if it can). I’ll track my sometimes relevant thoughts on the Random Thoughts page.
  3. When I announce the new week’s album, I will then post a full DATE BREAKDOWN of the previous album. I’m not a music expert. I don’t know technical words. That’s why you should trust me. I’m just Joe Schmoe and I love [some] music.
  4. If you want me to listen to anything specific, please contact me and we’ll work something out. It would be helpful and appreciated if your requested album is easily (and legally) accessible for free via bandcamp, Spotify, etc. I’ll leave my contact information on the Contact page.
  5. UPDATE: I’m focusing on newer releases to keep this all hip and relevant and shit. But I might occasionally throw an oldie in as well.

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