Week #20: Emailed Request 1 [Love Ghost]

While I was on hiatus, I received an email request to listen to and review random songs by Love Ghost. My initial reaction was hesitation, as the request accompanied a long description of the band and their sound. With the purpose of my blog being to go into these recordings blind, along with reviewing full cohesive releases, I found myself a bit conflicted. In the end, I’m flattered enough to get a request that I’m throwing caution to the wind. I mean, I haven’t actually heard it yet, right?

I was provided with 2 soundcloud links to new singles, HERE and HERE. My plan is to start with these songs and see what else I can dig up. Breakdown on Monday as usual.

A Brief but Open Letter to the Bands

First of all, I want to say thank you. Thank you for putting yourselves out there and expressing yourselves through music. It’s far more brave and personal than sitting behind a computer and judging someone else’s vision. 

Music is personal. I’m just one guy with thumbs and a limited music vocabulary. I’m sure it doesn’t need saying, but take my words with a grain of salt. As impartial as I try to be, I of course have my own preferences and musical leanings that will in some way inevitably influence my final review. 

But also know that although I’ve spent a week with your album, that’s the extent of my familiarity with your brand. These are gut reactions that will only semi-morph in the course of a week. There’s no right or wrong. Taste is subjective. Some people like Nickleback. Some people hate the Beatles. We’re all different. But, while they’re not meant to be a guidebook, I do think gut reactions can be useful. Read the breakdown if you want or ignore it and move on. I’m not Pitchfork. I’m a nobody with a DIY free blog.

Thanks for putting your music online and I wish you all the best.