Random Thoughts

This page will be updated intermittently with random musings, date progress, or what have you. Newest thoughts will appear first. It’s like Twitter but less hip, less social and  less technologically advanced.

5/10: Did this dude fall asleep on a reverb pedal? I’m in for a long week. #losthorizons

4/18: I hate signing wavers. If they would just keep their hands steady we could all go home so much sooner.

3/24: Why does this page even exist? I’m not good at it.

Ferrall judging others for feeling “better than others” is the definition of irony. #ferrallonthebench

3/10: So turns out this album isn’t new. Go figure. #drunkenwarriorchief

3/9: I mean, I get they’re a garage band, but did they have to hire the garage as their mixer too? #drunkenwarriorchief

3/2: I wonder what this dude thinks about Frat Boys. #goodbyeyouth

3/1: I don’t think she’s sure how to pronounce “Ouroboros.” #goodbyeyouth

2/28: Why do apartment mailboxes have keys? Do people want to steal our mail more than people with a home’s mail?